Company Profile


Company Profile
Your best strategic choice when selling your North Shore property
Today, more than ever, our property market is cross-border and multicultural.  Anyone putting their home up for sale must ensure effective access to all relevant buyer markets to maximise their selling price.

  • Why settle for one language when you need two?  Lan-Dom guarantees two experienced agents at each open house - local and Mandarin speaking – ensuring excellent communication with interested buyers
  • Why accept a single agent when you can have three excellent, experienced agents all working together as a team to achieve the optimum price for your property?  Lan Zhang, Dominic Smith - Licensed Real Estate Agent & Auctioneer and James Marshman - Licensed Real Estate Agent & Auctioneer are First National Lan-Dom:
    • Lan Zhang has over 25 years sales and management experience in China and Australia
    • Dominic Smith brings 27 years of award winning North Shore real estate experience
    • James Marshman also enjoys 27 years unparalleled North Shore real estate sales success
  • Why risk losing a buyer through communication breakdown or cultural misunderstanding?  Choosing a local real estate agent unable to communicate fluently in Mandarin or unfamiliar with Asian culture and values could knock thousands off your selling price.  Lan-Dom conducts clear and concise negotiations with Asian clients – in the language they fully understand
  • Lan-Dom’s experienced agents know how to sell every type of property in all North Shore suburbs, throughout Sydney and beyond.  Lan-Dom isn’t simply a local business, we are an international real estate agency utilising technology to promote your property near and far
  • Other local agencies may employ Mandarin-speaking agents, but they’ll almost certainly be working in competition with each other in the same office – because most agents won’t share commission.  Lan-Dom agents work together for your benefit and split the commission
  • Global high-definition property videos
  • Property Detailing
  • Property Styling
  • Removalist
  • Solicitors / Conveyances
  • House Washing
  • Gardening

Whatever service you require when preparing your house for sale, we can arrange it – saving you time and money.

We don’t waste your money on our office profile when marketing your property, but provide effective, affordable marketing on the internet, and in Chinese and local papers to maximise the sale price of your property.

There is a better choice when choosing a real estate agent to sell your property on the North Shore – Lan Dom.  Choose the best, choose FIRST NATIONAL LAN-DOM.

"We highly recommend Dominic and Lan, excellent agents and delightful people!"

"Dominic was the first agent we spoke to when we decided to sell our home, and, having spoken to several others, we engaged Dominic to manage our marketing and sale. We were impressed with his honesty, his integrity, his knowledge of the local area and the market. We liked his realistic assessment and his warm courteous personality. We unhesitatingly recommend him and Lan to anyone seeking a Real Estate Agent in this area. Lan- Dom First National at Lindfield is a small company but very personal and very pleasant to deal with."

"Very happy!"
"Lan and Dom (First National, Lindfield) are a great team and were an absolute pleasure to deal with! We could not have asked for a better house selling experience. From the start, the honest and clear communication and personal care they took with every detail made the whole process so much easier. The photos, videos and presentation on the internet were beautifully done and the house sold in very quick time for a great price. Could not be happier. Many thanks Dom and Lan and the rest of your team."

"An honest, hard working and highly professional real estate agent."
"We chose Lan and Dominic to sell our parents house in St Ives as I had dealt with her company on other home sales and found Lan and Dominic to be straight shooters, honest and incredibly willing on all fronts. Lan and Dominic advised me of price expectations, how to show the home, expected visits from prospective buyers, etc. and he was spot on with his advice. Choosing Dominic and Lan turned out to be an extremely good decision as they produced a great result for my parents. I would highly recommend using Lan and Dominic for the sale of any home as this period can be stressful if utilising a poor agent. There are probably several quality agents in the area, but given I have used Dominic several times, we entrusted his Company (First National) as they fully understand market conditions, buyer expectations, dealing with the elderly, assisting on all levels with my parents, working 7 days per week, taking phone calls from me up until 10.00pm and working tirelessly to achieve a higher sales price than they presented to us. I would highly recommend Lan and Dominic to anyone interested in selling their home, in fact, I have recently recommended you both to my neighbour as well as a family friend looking to downsize. Thankyou Dominic and Lan for your wonderful service on selling the family home as well as excellent advice on buying my parents new home. All the Best, David Flowers"

"Sold Finally Sold"
"After many, many issues causing us to put the sale of my unit on hold on numerous occosions and potential Buyers who could not make up their minds i finally sold!!! A very big thanks to Lan & Dom from First National Lan - Dom. There knowledge, Professional attitude, hard work and patience showing many different people over many, many months the unit eventually resulted in a sale! As a team, Lan & Dom worked well together, not only to finalise a sale but to get a price we were very happy with! (Who doesn't want more)!"

"Sale of our home"
"After interviewing 4 local agents, we met Dom and Lan when we were “shopping around for the best agent” to help us sell our much loved East Lindfield home. Right from the start we knew that they were “the team” we were looking for, especially due to the fact that Lan is Chinese speaking and very much felt that we needed a Chinese agent to market our home. From beginning to end, they had our best interests at heart. Dom has a wealth of experience in the property industry, so was able to give a remarkable level of service. He has an extremely pleasant and personable manner and is a thorough gentleman. What we liked was his straight forward approach with the facts and figures of the local market which were consistent with our own research. A meeting of minds was established quickly, it was evident we could trust him to implement a great marketing campaign and excel at everything else in between. Working with both Dom and Lan, we very much appreciated their impartial advice in providing regular feedback by way of return of phone calls almost immediately in an extremely efficient and courteous manner. Your professional approach and honesty was refreshing and will, no doubt, contribute to a change of industry perception on our part. I'm certain that you will enjoy future success and expect our paths will cross again at some stage. We wish you both all the very best and may your real estate agency continue to go from strength to strength."